Thursday, October 25, 2012

so it seems i am getting some traffic here... so let me tell what i have done in the last few months

- i entered our kingdom A&S competition with an pewter cast ampulea and parts of my ACC outfit ( i did ok)

- i learned how to knit .. from HE Jennet at Uprising war this yr... it is fun.. but i have gotten side tracked

- i discovered pinterest... i love it... it is addicting... and i have even made some of the things i have pinned ( i know... unreal)... pictures to follow

- i learned (from another person.. instead of you tube and other internet sources) naalbinding at harvest war this year from karen (sca name to follow)... i love it... i discovered the way i had been doing it is the "advanced stitch" .. at harvest i made a kippah (that i wore to Rosh Hashanah)...  i am now partway thru my next hat

- i made several naalbinding needles... last yr i made some from mastadon ( i believe)... which i gave away
... as a thank you to karen i asked her what she would like one out of and gave her my list of materials (ivory, mastadon, bone, antler) she choose antler ... so i made 3 of those and have been using one on my own project... i also asked prax if she would like one and offered her the same list... she choose mastadon... so i made a few out of those... not very flexible... but they look good

- i learned trichinopoly (viking wire weaving)... it uses one of the simple naalbinding stitches.. it is fun... i have already made several lengths out of different metals

 and this month i participated in another reddit gift exchange.. i hand etched some drinking glasses made from bottles and sent them off to new zealand

pictures to follow

local Arts and Sciences competition this weekend... then halloween and Kingdom Collegium