Sunday, December 25, 2011


DONE.. my final outer layer not too exciting... i cut down a white woolen blanket to the dimension discussed in my viking book and did decorative blanket stitching on the outer edge

LAYER 1 braies and tunic... hand sewn linen with cotton thread
finger loop braiding for the drawstring (flax thread)
LAYER 2 trousers and kyrtle... hand sewn linen with cotton thread
belt - tablet woven w purchased wool
decorative blanket stitching on neckline (flax thread)
LAYER 3 cloak (feldr) white wool decorative blanket stitching on edges (wool on wool)
cloak clasp - hammered copper
ACCESSORY LAYER 1 - boots (based on boots found at hedeby... "viking" town)
leather with artificial sinew... hand stitched
accessory - nailbinded pouch - wool made with handmade ivory needle
accessory - tablet woven garters w/ pewter cast buckle

this is the outfit...but different undershirt/cloak and belt
even though i did make them all... it was just previously

that is what i can think of off my head while down in slc... enjoying the christmas weekend w/ family and friends

all is from my stash.. except threads .. all thread purchased during the challenge... wool and cotton

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

damn it teresa!!!

so... lady engeline von foxridge  is finished w/ her acc project... all layers and a ton of accessories... way to go!!

guess i need to stop being distracted and get finished

Saturday, November 5, 2011

i was looking at people's posts and realized i hadn't done my end of the month report...
I finished my boots... done hedeby style (hedeby is a viking trade settlement in denmark/germany)

i entered my trousers and kyrtle in our local baronial a&s event to get feedback... seems my work was good... my documentation and sources have a slight problem.. but i did get a LOT of feed back

here is a picture of the boots...

only 1 layer left and i decided to go with the cloak... i will be doing a large rectangular cloak... white wool (from my stash).. i will be doing some couching and embroidery on it

this is a display of my shoes and my pants

this is my tunic on "esmarelda"

and my wife won the competition with her excellent monchego (sp) cheese, chicken basket, and felted/covered slippers

looking forward to seeing some of you at one thousand eyes b-day... sorry i decided against coming to collegium
- dame varia

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Kyrtle is finished... just need to jazz it up with some simple embroidery... decided to make a different (longer) belt to hold my pants up... but got distracted 'cause i designed a "vair" pattern that i will be using for minion giftees... so i have to restring and do another belt

so layer one - braies and undertunic - DONE
layer two - trousers and kyrtle - DONE
outer layer - now i'm trying to decide whether to do a kaftan or a large rectangular cloak w/ embroidery, couching and (that other thing when you cut out shapes and tack them down and make pretties... noun gone.. :(
accessory - shoes

also here is a picture of the green wool pants i made from my awesome pattern...(wool from pendleton)
my wife was forced to wear these when we processed for crown (as her pretty dress had been left nicely laying on the chair... so it wouldn't wrinkle... and was being brought to the event...all the way from boise... too late) along with handstiched linen undertunic i had done..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i wore my new AWESOME rust pants at harvest war... even held them up with a card woven piece i had done... they were extremely comfy... and i showed them off to EVERYONE... whether they wanted it or not

 i also got distracted cause i had to bottle my yummy beer for harvest war...

so braies, undershirt, trousers... done
still left kyrtle/ kaftan and shoes (or hat)
see ya'll at crown
-dame v

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my pants

so.. monday night at clothiers guild... i cut out a pattern for my pants... sewed them together...adjusted.... ripped out the seams and cut out my pieces of linen for my "real" pants...only to sew the first piece on upside down... now i am gonna resew together the pattern... so see if it will still work up side down or.. if i will have to rip out an hr of handsewing.... ug... wish me luck

btw.. i went with the soft rust linen for the pants as there is ample documentation for red leggings ... or pants

so as of today... braies... done
   drawstring done... did a linen fingerlooped braid...
       had enough time to do one for HRH ronan's pants as well
undertunic... done
trousers... rust material... cut out and began sewing

overtunic... decide color and DO
linen socks... decide color and DO
shoes... design cut and DO

Monday, August 29, 2011

took time off from my ACC... to work on my "steampunk... utilikilt"... so i re-purposed some old pairs of carhart work pants... gonna do a few more (after the competition)... hopefully the picts come thru... wore it all day... found it quite comfortable... confused some ppl... ;)


now back to my new pants... i think i'll go with a red linen... ;)


Saturday, August 20, 2011


ok... pictures... here is my pattern for my braies
... i cut up an old pair of boxers that matched the line drawing/picture of the

and here are pictures of my braies all done... handsewn... cotton thread... flat feld seams... comfy

my matching/not matching garters...
yarn from sequim, wa at a random weaving store we found in a travel brochure

and my undershirt which i cut while camping in yakima, wa... done...
handsewn... cotton thread... flat feld seams, triangular gussets and all

Monday, August 15, 2011

yay... i just finished my first piece of cardweaving...EVER... it looks soooo cool.... there is even enough of (the good part) for a band on my hat... now onto tablet weaving my to follow

dame varia
who is REALLY enjoying it!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

so... i finally got my shirt cut out on our last night of vacation... in yakima, wa... finally found time in between beer and cheese tasting...

i cut it out of the natural/tan linen.. and sewed both side gores before falling asleep... one of the gores is a "fake seam"... which is found in many examples.. and done for symmetry...

i then let elisabeth drive the rest of the way home... so i could sew (i had done 98% of the vacation driving till then)... as the roads were bumpy and the car swayed... i wondered if the pioneers stitched while up in the wagons... it did make things a bit uneven

so tonight i have the entire body sewn together and am going about insetting the arms... which have triangular gores... which i HATE... but are on most of the examples from the greenland digs

so as of today... braies... done (need drawstring... fingerlooping this weeknd)
undertunic... needs sleeves inset

overtunic... decide color and DO
trousers... decide color and DO

shoes... DO
hat and cowl...
over fun accessories......garters/"gator style" socks/ necklace/ belt/ pouch... other stuff still thinking

so far my only cost has been thread... i got cotton... because i could match it better... and the linen threads just DO NOT match my fabrics... i purchased wool at pendletons... but not sure how much i am using for the project... and purchased some wool and linen thread to do the fingerlooping and tablet weaving... so depending on how much i use... still under 25$

i am really enjoying doing this project and giving fabric to others ... from "my stash"... this project has been great for getting many ppl to go thru thier "stash" and DO SOMETHING... thanks bianca!!

-dame varia

Friday, August 5, 2011

i finished handsewing my braies last night at the picnic to the columbia river...outside Portland... will get an uploaded picture when i have access to a camera cord again...

also... stopped at pendleton wool factory....drool... got a 10 lb bag of "blanket ends" for 20$... it had several nice 1 yd pieces...and 2 exceptional 4yd pieces... one black... one dk blue... both suit weight.. ... also bought several different yds of many other colors... all of it gorgeous ... decisions... decisions

cutting out my undertunic tomorrow morning while we have a floor in a hotel

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i have my 1st item... a pair of braies done... i just have to hem and add a drawstring... i handstiched the whole thing... and i can say... my handsewing is not the best... but it is sturdy and won't come apart soon... pictures to follow... the braies are based on the Thorsberg trousers (pre-"viking" but considered a good source - as there are very few whole trousers found from the period.

my wife gave me Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns for my birthday... i will be doing one of the simple tunics as my undershirt... i need to cut it out before we leave on vacation

here is a line drawing of the pants found at thorsberg

i will also be doing my trousers from this example... as the braies turned out so well

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

fabric stash

ok.. planning on doing 11th cent viking (norse) mens - braies, pants and tunic, overtunic (or cloak)
accessories may include shoes, garters, socks, necklace, comb, pouch, hat, belt...

alright.. picture to follow... i have all my already owned (fabric stash) laid out downstairs.. time to decide what colors go where... so first we will measure
linens- purple 4yd, lt brown 2yd, rust 2yd, green 2yd, red 5yd, white 4yd, black4yd, and drk rust 3yd
wool lt grey 3yds and asst pieces (the last of my rogue stash)

i'm sure i have more in my bins... but i need time to look

the white is a little too see thru top make braies... so maybe the lt brown

dame varia
(who thinks this is really fun)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

so i guess i will use this to blog about my

The Artemisian Costuming Challenge

throwing my hat it.... at least i will have some new outfit pieces by the end of the year

dame varia