Saturday, November 5, 2011

i was looking at people's posts and realized i hadn't done my end of the month report...
I finished my boots... done hedeby style (hedeby is a viking trade settlement in denmark/germany)

i entered my trousers and kyrtle in our local baronial a&s event to get feedback... seems my work was good... my documentation and sources have a slight problem.. but i did get a LOT of feed back

here is a picture of the boots...

only 1 layer left and i decided to go with the cloak... i will be doing a large rectangular cloak... white wool (from my stash).. i will be doing some couching and embroidery on it

this is a display of my shoes and my pants

this is my tunic on "esmarelda"

and my wife won the competition with her excellent monchego (sp) cheese, chicken basket, and felted/covered slippers

looking forward to seeing some of you at one thousand eyes b-day... sorry i decided against coming to collegium
- dame varia

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