Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Kyrtle is finished... just need to jazz it up with some simple embroidery... decided to make a different (longer) belt to hold my pants up... but got distracted 'cause i designed a "vair" pattern that i will be using for minion giftees... so i have to restring and do another belt

so layer one - braies and undertunic - DONE
layer two - trousers and kyrtle - DONE
outer layer - now i'm trying to decide whether to do a kaftan or a large rectangular cloak w/ embroidery, couching and (that other thing when you cut out shapes and tack them down and make pretties... noun gone.. :(
accessory - shoes

also here is a picture of the green wool pants i made from my awesome pattern...(wool from pendleton)
my wife was forced to wear these when we processed for crown (as her pretty dress had been left nicely laying on the chair... so it wouldn't wrinkle... and was being brought to the event...all the way from boise... too late) along with handstiched linen undertunic i had done..


  1. Applique?

    The stitching on your trousers is gorgeous! I'd love to see close-ups

  2. yep... applique... i just saw the word elsewhere and remembered that is my noun that is missing
    ... i'll try and get a close up... both my cameras suck... i'll be wearing them to collegium