Sunday, December 25, 2011


DONE.. my final outer layer not too exciting... i cut down a white woolen blanket to the dimension discussed in my viking book and did decorative blanket stitching on the outer edge

LAYER 1 braies and tunic... hand sewn linen with cotton thread
finger loop braiding for the drawstring (flax thread)
LAYER 2 trousers and kyrtle... hand sewn linen with cotton thread
belt - tablet woven w purchased wool
decorative blanket stitching on neckline (flax thread)
LAYER 3 cloak (feldr) white wool decorative blanket stitching on edges (wool on wool)
cloak clasp - hammered copper
ACCESSORY LAYER 1 - boots (based on boots found at hedeby... "viking" town)
leather with artificial sinew... hand stitched
accessory - nailbinded pouch - wool made with handmade ivory needle
accessory - tablet woven garters w/ pewter cast buckle

this is the outfit...but different undershirt/cloak and belt
even though i did make them all... it was just previously

that is what i can think of off my head while down in slc... enjoying the christmas weekend w/ family and friends

all is from my stash.. except threads .. all thread purchased during the challenge... wool and cotton