Tuesday, July 19, 2011

fabric stash

ok.. planning on doing 11th cent viking (norse) mens - braies, pants and tunic, overtunic (or cloak)
accessories may include shoes, garters, socks, necklace, comb, pouch, hat, belt...

alright.. picture to follow... i have all my already owned (fabric stash) laid out downstairs.. time to decide what colors go where... so first we will measure
linens- purple 4yd, lt brown 2yd, rust 2yd, green 2yd, red 5yd, white 4yd, black4yd, and drk rust 3yd
wool lt grey 3yds and asst pieces (the last of my rogue stash)

i'm sure i have more in my bins... but i need time to look

the white is a little too see thru top make braies... so maybe the lt brown

dame varia
(who thinks this is really fun)

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