Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Layer 3 – Cold Weather Layer

Layer 3 – Cold Weather layer –Feldr (square cloak) I drafted the pattern using the description of one of the cloaks found in “Viking Clothing”. It states Ibn Fadlan * describes a cloak which covers half the body leaving one arm uncovered which seems to be like the Frankish cloak worn for hundreds of years (the feldr). These were usually in a double square I did the short side 45 in (

I decided to use a white wool blanket from my fabric stash. The thread used is a wool thread, purchased in Blue wool 

I made a copper cloak pin... but at this time i cannot find it... hopefully by saturday.

Item created: December 24th 2011

Cost: wool blanket– from stash.. $0; blue wool thread purchased $2.30 oz  : red already included $0                                                     … Total $73.00

Categories/ Subcategories: Costuming: Tourney pre1000 (CT). Blanket Stitching Needlework – Surface Embriodery (N-SE)

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