Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Layer 4 – Accessory Layer – Boots

Layer 4 – Accessory Layer – Boots


These are turnshoes based on the Haithabu (Hedeby) grave site number nine.  I drafted the pattern based on this picture

I decided to use a nice black cow leather (3-4 oz) I had and natural cow leather (8-12oz) for the sole. I used real sinew (a gift from the past) to sew the front seam and I used artificial sinew for the seams attaching the upper to the sole as I have a ton of it and it will last longer than the leather.

It is held closed with a leather strip

Item created: October 2011

Cost: leather– from stash.. $0; sinew from stash $0                                                              … Total 73.00 
Categories/ Subcategories: Costuming: Footwear (CF).

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